BKA Financial & Proformex have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at improving the life insurance ownership experience for clients. Their objective is to further redefine the industry standard for post-sale policy servicing by providing easier access to relevant data to empower better decisions and analysis to ensure clients receive the outcomes they expect. Given the strength of both companies’ networks, the entire industry stands to benefit from their collaboration.

“Everything we do at BKA Financial is centered around a commitment to excellence in service to everyone we work with – our team, our firms, our financial advisors, and most importantly, our advisors’ clients,” said Thomas Litz, President of BKA Financial. “We are thrilled about our partnership with Proformex. It’s a great tool to help financial consultants and their clients. Their technology enables easier access to the information our consultants need to help better inform their clients’ decisions and ultimately, drive the best possible outcomes relative to those clients’ unique financial goals and objectives.”

At the core of this collaboration is a transfer of BKA Financial’s post-sale servicing processes into the Proformex platform. The platform offers data aggregation, analytics and portfolio monitoring for life insurance and annuities. It helps users, like BKA Financial, more effectively monitor and manage policy performance and ensure regulatory compliance by identifying at-risk policies and surfacing new sales opportunities.

“The partnership with BKA Financial is a natural fit, because protecting consumers is at the heart of their mission as well as ours,” said Kris Beck, CEO of Proformex. “We are honored that they’ve chosen to embark on this journey to better policyowner experiences and real-world outcomes with us, because at the end of the day, it’s all about doing right by the clients.”

About Proformex

Proformex is the leading policy management platform offering data aggregation, analytics, and portfolio monitoring for life insurance and annuities. The platform is purpose-built to help independent life insurance and advisory firms protect their clients’ best interest and ensure regulatory compliance by monitoring individual policy performance, identifying at-risk policies, and uncovering new sales opportunities. Our cloud-based solutions make inforce management more efficient, more profitable, and results in better experiences for policy owners.


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