Life Insurance is a scary subject.  Why?  Because it means we have to talk about the inevitability of death.  But here’s why it’s important to talk about it.

How many times have we been invited to a plate sale to help support a family who unexpectedly lost a loved one?  Seen social media posts about crowd funding funeral expenses for a friend of a friend who’s passed?  Or maybe wondered how your family would cover final expenses for an elderly family member, or even you?  These are all valid questions.   There is nothing like seeing friends and family come together to support each other in a difficult time.  It’s great to see that technology can be used for good, but what if?

What if our family and friends didn’t have to worry about fundraising and instead could focus on caring for and loving on those left behind?  What if we didn’t have to worry about how we’re going to continue the same standard of living without that person’s income?  What if we didn’t have to worry about the care our children would get if something unexpectedly happened to me?

Nothing can replace a loved one who’s passed.  It’s difficult to face a reality without them.  And the answers to any of the questions above are not easy to face.  But a good place to start is with Life Insurance.

Life Insurance ensures that your family doesn’t have to worry about how to replace your income when you’re gone.  It can help to ensure your family’s financial stability.  So, the house and car continue to get paid.  The lights and water stay on.  Your family doesn’t have to wonder how they’re going to pay for the mounting final expenses or rely on the financial support of others to care for them.

Life Insurance fosters your legacy.  We all dream of seeing our children grow up and have kids of their own that we can spoil, and even watch them grow up to live the life we always dreamed about.  We pray that for you too.  Your children, their kids are your legacy.  Life insurance can help to financially ensure that dream for you.

The subject of life insurance doesn’t have to be about death.  It can come from a place of love and compassion for those who will be left behind.

September is #LifeInsuranceAwarenessMonth.  Talk about it with your loved ones today.


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